The Resume of Jean Manuel Beauchamp


My names is Jean Manuel Beauchamp Noriega Galvan Sieiro Javier Moreno Conde Murgas.
I was born in 1989.
I produce various kinds of projects.
I direct Panaman Pictures.
I record documentaries, music videos, and short films.
I capture photographs and flipographs.
I write essays, screenplays, textbooks, and poems.
I host screenings of my favorite movies.
I go to concerts by my favorite bands.
I listen to my favorite music on vinyl.
I am the mayor of a Dunkin' Donuts in Manhattan.
I was trained at The New York Film Academy and The New School.
I am currently enrolled at The New School for Warholian Arts.
I live, work, and study in New York City, Panama, Santo Domingo, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, and my internet.
I blog, tweet, and I add things to my timeline.
You are able to contact me, ask me questions, or see things that I like.
Thank you for being my crew.